Loud Dodge Hellcat gets smoked by a GMC Truck

Loud Dodge HellcatLoud Dodge Hellcat got “rejected” by a mean GMC Truck.

When talking about hustling in straight line, there is no question whether the Dodge Challenger Hellcat jumps in the conversation or not. It considered to be one of the greatest things to hit the streets. That’s no miracle, considering the 10 seconds that it can run in a quarter mile.

Loud Dodge Hellcat defeated by a pickup truck

As we’ve said before, the demonic kitty means business, a characteristic it was born with. You don’t have to have any doubts whether you’ll have a great time behind the wheel of it but, what if you get an unsuspecting competitor? In this case, that was the GMC Sierra pickup truck that most would probably think it would be left in the “dust” while going against the devil. The story here, however, is very much different. Check it out!