Luckiest biker and his big save on the Nurburgring!

Luckiest bikerLuckiest biker gets his big save at the Nurburgring – all caught on camera.

Now, this is a footage that this biker could download in his phone and brag with it to his family and friends because this was a pro-save.  The Nurburgring is practically famous for taking countless prisoners on a yearly basis and he almost joined the club and became part of the statistic.

Luckiest biker and his big save on the  Nurburgring

While taking a turn he came in a bit too fast, lost control only a little and because he wasn’t able to keep his line he ended up bouncing across the ‘welcoming’ wall. We could put into the “crash category” but, we’re not sure if it’s really qualified to get there. The whole situation could have gone much worse but, this was his lucky day. Luckiest biker video below!