Lucky biker avoids certain death after hitting a dog!!!

Lucky bikerLucky biker and also a quick thinking one.
Two motorcyclists actually came within of inches of death and those dramatic moments have been captured on video.
In the first video, we can see how a motorcyclist loses control over his ride and hits an unlucky dog that ran out in front of him out of nowhere. However, the second biker fell off his bike due to what has previously happened. It can be seen how they slide along the road and as if that wasn’t horrifying enough the footage shows a semi-truck speeding towards them.

Lucky biker avoids certain death after hitting a dog

The second video of the incident that was filmed from the behind the crash, however, shows how close the second Lucky biker was to being struck by that semi-truck. After falling off his bike and sliding along the ground, he managed to jump out of the way of the big vehicle while avoiding death by mere inches. Check this Lucky biker video below.