Lucky motorcyclist gets the best soft landing after a crash!

Lucky motorcyclist getsLucky motorcyclist gets the best landing ever. This is a situation that may come a bit ambiguous regarding the luck of this biker.

If someone asks you what could possibly fall off a back of a truck on the road, the first thing that will probably come to your mind is┬ásomething clunky and heavy. Well, this particular truck wasn’t carrying something that could inevitably hurt someone; instead, this truck was carrying mattresses.

Lucky motorcyclist gets the best soft landing after a crash

Now, soft or not, a falling mattress on the road can flop your path and make you crash, especially if you’re riding a motorcycle on an open road. Well, something like that happened to this motorcyclist who managed to luck out like nothing else we’ve seen. As the mattress of the back of the track falls off and gets in his way, the motorcyclist can do little to make things different. Though, as the giant flying bedding makes him crash, at the same time, breaks his fall.

The dashcam footage says it all- check it out!

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