Luxurious graveyard of a 14-supercar pile up will make you cry!

Luxurious GraveyardLuxurious Graveyard and the tragic death of 14 supercars, including 8 Ferraris, two Mercedes and one Lambo. It makes us pretty sad.

Usually, Ferrari owners are incredibly careful with their 4-wheeled works of art. So, it’s really uncommon to see a Ferrari outside of a racetrack kicked to the side, looking like an old, used beer can. However, in the video, we can see a whole collection of Ferraris wrecked to a point that would be impossible to get them back to life. How did it happen? It’s “just” a very expensive case of ‘who stopped and who didn’t’.

Luxurious graveyard will make car lovers shed a tear

The supercars were probably out on a cruise when this horrible accident occurred. ‘Destruction’ is written all over the footage. We only hope that the cars are the only things that got banged up here. Luxurious Graveyard video below!