Mad Mike on Red Bull Drift Shifters – Must See!

Mad Mike on Red BullMad Mike on Red Bull.

What does 2016 brings us in terms of drifting? Hopefully, many things and one of those is Red Bull Drift Shifters. This brainchild of Mad Mike Whiddett attracts international drivers and thousands right to the race track because it eliminates the judges and is pretty easy to understand but, mostly because it’s drifting we’re talking about and we know that equals fun!

Mad Mike on Red Bull Drift Shifters: What’s the pinball drifting all about?

The contestants race one at a time against the clock as they make effort to rack up as many points as possible in their run. Record speed and distance accuracy, which trigger points, are recorded by proximity sensors that are located on various parts of the course. It’s just like a real pinball game, only this one involves epic drifting! Mad Mike on Red Bull Drift Shifters video below!