Mark Lenardon LS1 – powered Rx-7 unleashed!

Mark Lenardon LS1Mark Lenardon LS1! Unfortunately, awhile ago, the Motor Trend family lost a member. Mark Lenardon, a person that was all about building, shooting and driving cars, lost his life in a motorcycle accident. However, he left a RX-7 behind him. He planned to put an LS1 from a 1999 Camaro and a t56 under that hood and there was no way that his friends, family and Tony Angelo would leave it that way.

Mark Lenardon LS1 powered Rx-7 drifting like a boss!

His dream had to become reality and Tony and Mark’s buds decided to take care of that. They come together and turn the pile of parts into a drifting machine. Of course, once they gets it to run, it’s bound to hit the track. Just unleash that Rx-7 !

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