Matt Coffman of Coffman Racing and his short story about drifting.

matt coffmanMatt Coffman of Coffman Racing and his short story about drifting. In 2011 Matt purchased a Nissan 240sx S13 and started drifting in a local Southern Oregon series. He later discovered that the 240 had been a successful autocross car. It was a championship car in 2006 and remained undefeated throughout Matt’s entire first year of drifting. In 2012 Matt entered into the Thunderdrift ProAm series in northern California and continued to improve his tandem skills and outfitting his S13 with a LS V8 and a rocket Bunny Gen1 kit.

Matt Coffman and his short story about drifting.

In 2013 He competed in the inaugural year of the golden gate FD ProAm series with only one thing in mind, The Formula Drift Pro license! He also competed at Evergreen Drift ProAm two times where he placed 4th alongside FD Round 5. In 2013 Matt also ran three rounds of the Top Drift ProAm where he took a 3rd and 1st place. Matt hopes to continue rallying at various events throughout 2016.

Matt’s team consisting of Crew Chief Bill Conway, Nick Byatt, Jeff Mailley and Spike Chen has worked really hard in the off season to put together a strong program for Matt and the team is truly one of the best privateer teams in Formula D. Let’s take a close insider’s look at Matt’s new ride.

The Coffman Racing S13 is powered by a Roush Yates Ford FR9 410 Sprint Car engine. The engine was switched over to Thunderbolt E99 bio ethanol fuel and it runs an extremely high compression ratio of about 14:1 and a cam with a tighter lobe separation angle and less duration for more bottom end and mid-range torque. A huge Mishimoto black series radiator dominates the front of the car to keep things cooler than cool.

The Ford engine features Kinsler ITB injection. The minimal runner volume and 8 throttle blades make for very fast throttle response with excellent mid to top end power. Check out this amazing video!