Matte black BMW i8, bagged and taken on another level!

Matte black BMW i8Matte black BMW i8 only, didn’t seem enough to this owner so, he decided to take his hybrid and make it look unique. For that, he had to ask for help from the folks at Vossen. And no, we’re not talking about giving his sportscar new shoes, as Vossen Wheels is in question, he also took his time to work extensively on the suspension. If you do something, then do it right!

At first glance, the car reminds us of the famous Batmobile but, that’s only because of the extremely low seating position. You can’t be Batman but, having you car look like the Batmobile is close enough. Of course, let’s not forget about the air suspension system with custom pumps and pipes fitted to a custom frame. The ground clearance after the modification hasn’t been revealed by the tuning shop but, this matte black BMW i8 obviously, sits nearly on the ground.

Matte black BMW i8 – feast your eyes

Vossen also installed Forged LC Series LC-104 wheels with a clear power coat so to make a pretty awesome contrast with the dark finish of the i8’s body.  22×10.5 rear and 22×9 up front- the wheels are perfectly fitted with the wheel wells. Still, the mystery that’s all around this matte black BMW i8 is quite appealing, to say the least. Check out the video of this perfect matte black BMW i8!