Maximus Dodge Charger – Twin Turbo + 2000HP!

Maximus Dodge ChargerMaximus Dodge Charger

Still far from finished but we can see this is going to be ONE HELL OF A RIDE!!

Check out this 9.4L twin turbo engine providing 2000 Horse power on this beautiful 1968 Dodge Charger made by Nelson Supercars!

Maximus Dodge Charger – Twin Turbo + 2000HP!

This car is made by for the Fast and Furious franchise, it suposed to be a Furious 7 hero car. Here in the video you can see it roaring on the streets, Tom Nelson and Scott Spock are doing some tests and you can see the Beast is ripping the streets apart… i wish i could ride with Tom in the Maximus, Twin Turbo Dodge Charger is a rare thing, and for sure is a big adrenaline rush!!!

It’s quite a unique masterpiece because a lot of work has been done on the body, as well as under the hood!

Tom Nelson and Scott Spock hurry up!!! Check out the test runs of the mighty Maximus!!!

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