McHitch Uniglide hitch for the smoothest towing experience!

McHitch UniglideMcHitch Uniglide hitch is a pretty interesting solution when it comes to towing. The invention comes from the pinnacle of Australian engineering when it comes to couplings.

Towing a trailer behind your vehicle does not provide the most pleasant experience. Surely, it depends on a lot of things, like your setup for example, but in the end, it can be troublesome. Those who do have some experience regarding this issue say that it’s either going to be fast and painless or seemingly impossible. Unfortunately, it’s not only about setting the hitch up. What about bracing yourself for a bumpy ride?

If you’re work depends on towing, hitching and coupling then, you’re probably ready to spend some extra money just to make it work. In this case, the McHitch Uniglide hitch may be a good choice. Many companies are trying to design something that will make the towing experience smooth. But, McHitch Uniglide hitch is one of those things that does provide an interesting solution.

McHitch Uniglide hitch for the smoothest towing experience

McHitch UniglideThe McHitch Uniglide hitch integrates the idea of a U-joint into a trailer hitch. In this way, the load is leveled out and it cannot bounce around like we all know it could. The joint, in this case, is taking the majority of the shock. Thus, the driving experience is less stressful and more efficient.

And as with every invention, the theory overwhelms us. However, will the exact same theory translate to reality as well? Check out the video and see for yourselves!