McLaren Jetset concept took the term”futuristic cars” on another level

McLaren Jetset conceptMcLaren JetSet concept in our garages by 2020?

At Pebble Beach, they’ve unveiled the striking McLaren X-1. With this creation, the whole world saw what the results might be when you give a fresh-minded design student a license to create a supercar. Now, we’re taking a look at the McLaren JetSet concept. The McLaren JetSet concept is an all-electric supercar that has also been designed by another RCA graduate.

The McLaren JetSet concept also made an appearance at the Pebble Beach and just like the X-1 was one of the star exhibits with its piano black paintwork. The X-1 is undeniably a work of art; nevertheless, the process of designing the McLaren JetSet took almost 3 years. To decide a winning design, there was a competition between McLaren’s own and external designers. In the end, a Royal College of Art student won the competition and landed himself an amazing job opportunity.

McLaren Jetset concept took  the term”futuristic cars” on another level

The McLaren design director, Frank Stephenson, set a brief- to create a minimalistic supercar that has traditional McLaren values while being forethought into future technologies and trends. They chose 5 finalists and one of them was Marianna Merenmies and her McLaren JetSet.

McLaren Jetset conceptDue to the fact that she was centring on the famous “everything for a reason” principle , this concept keeps weight to an absolute minimum. It uses carbon fiber for the body, chassis, suspension system and even the wheels. Power theoretically comes from an electric motor. The weight is of course expected to be well under 1000 kg. Everything that’s on this vehicle is ensuring to provide a memorable driving experience. Inside the McLaren JetSet concept,there is space for the driver only.

McLaren Jetset conceptSurely, it is difficult to envision such concepts on our roads when they look and function as they do.  But, given the fact that the automotive industry, as any else for that matter, is looking forward in time, there is no reason for us not to expect to see them on the streets. Well, sooner than later.

McLaren Jetset concept