Meet “Ryno”, the one wheeled motorcycle!

Meet "Ryno"Meet “Ryno”

Meet “Ryno”, the one wheeled motorcycle! Or the electric unicycle! Or the microcycle! 🙂 It requires a great deal of enthusiasm and imagination to make and electric motorcycle on one wheel that is safe to manage. Nevertheless, engineer Chris Hoffman from “Ryno Motors” succeeded in that attempt. Recently, they have introduced this innovative motorcycle that has a 25-inch wheel and can reach speed of 15 km/h.

Meet “Ryno”, the one wheeled motorcycle!

Namely, “Ryno” has specific sensors which are “in charge of“ the measurement and the maintenance of the rotation of this ride, in order to balance itself. With strategically distributed weight and intuitive methods for acceleration and braking, this thing can actually be safe when it comes to its management. It is said that, when making this ride, the company used materials and components that are relatively cheap. “Ryno” is powered by lithium-ion batteries and the motor can go to 15 miles on a single charge. The batteries can easily be replaced and charging them takes about 6 hours. Check it out!