Mert Lawwill – A tribute to a living legend through wild action

Mert LawwillMert Lawwill is mostly known as a former American professional motorcycle racer that did some wicked things on track. However, the truth is, he is much more than a racer; he is a living legend.

Mert Lawwill raced professionally until 1977. He stopped doing what he loved the most due to an inner-ear disorder that affected his balance heavily. Nevertheless, Lawwil never really quit the particular sport. He moved on to being a technician so to keep up with all the racing news. But, his talents were much more bigger. Mert Lawwil became one of the best top motorcycle racing frame builders and designers.

Mert Lawwill – A tribute to a living legend through wild action

Mert LawwillThough, that wasn’t enough. Mert Lawwill tried to use his rich experience to become an innovative mountain bike designer. He managed to develop one of the first bicycle suspensions in the world. He is just the ultimate examples of making a lemonade from lemons.

At last, let’s no forget about his most proud invention – a prosthetic arms for people who want to ride a motorcycle. Because of his many contributions to the world, in 1977 he was inducted in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Only a year later, he became part of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Mert Lawwill even went Hollywood with On Any Sunday.

His career may have last for a short period of time but, what a career he had! In 15 years, Mert Lawwill managed to get 161 career American Motorcyclist Association Grand National finishes. Yes, he is a legend. The video below is a tribute to his racing prowess. Oh and, in case you like The Stooges, you’re in for a treat. Check it out! Mert Lawwill video below!