Michelin X-Tweel – Airless Radial Tire For Skid Steer Loaders!

Michelin X-TweelMichelin X-Tweel

Michelin posted an interesting video of it’s X-Tweel SSL airless tire. All tests were run on Caterpillar 252B3 skid steer loaders. The tests mimicked operating conditions or situations a skid steer loader operator would encounter during their normal working day.

Each camera shot shows how the respective skid steer loader performed given the tires it was driving on. Two models of the X-Tweel tires are available, an All Terrain for use on a wide range of surfaces, and Hard Surface for maximum tread life on pavement.

Michelin X-Tweel – Airless Radial Tire For Skid Steer Loaders!

According to Michelin, the X-Tweel lasts three times as long as conventional tires. Unlike conventional tires, the tread can be replaced without having to replace the entire unit, so there is less waste of material.

X-Tweel SSL combines the best of both worlds: on one hand it gives you the smooth ride usually associated with a pneumatic tire, on the other, the X-Tweel is as durable and puncture proof as a solid tire.

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