Mini Kenworth tanker, used for distributing beverages at various events!

Useful Mini Truck - The Mini Kenworth Tanker!!!

The Mini Kenworth tanker is quite an invention. Jacque Auger wanted to do something special for his home town, so he and Donald Gingras decided to make a mini-truck for the Laurier-Station Santa Claus Parade. They realized that their best approach is to make an exact replica of Transport Jacques Auger truck pulling a tanker, only smaller.

Apparently Gingras was the real architect that stands behind this interesting project, assisting several subcontractors. They’ve spent 2,600 hours to achieve the Mini Kenworth tanker. They have done a great job considering the fact that absolutely everything in this mini truck is functional. It has Cummins diesel three-cylinder with turbo, a 5-speed Ford Ranger transmission and Suzuki Jeep differentials.

Its main purpose is distributing all kinds of beverages and it is used on various events. You can see this amazing mini truck in the video below!