Miniature Blown V8 Engine! Sweet!

Miniature Blown V8Miniature Blown V8

When it comes to a V8 engine you would probably think that it has to be big and powerful… well, powerful yeah, but big? – Not nessesarilly. These guys have created miniature Blown V8 Engine, which as you can see in this video, is smaller than usual. It is yours to decide whether this cool engine fits better in a car, work truck, gokart, dirtbike, quad, or maybe even in a lawn mower!

Miniature Blown V8 Engine! Sweet!

Because of its fundamental strength and durability this engine would fit perfectly in work tracks, but RC cars maniacs would enjoy having it in their cars and probably lose their license while going shopping for groceries. The sound that this engine produces is just amazing. We could hear it all day!