Mopar Graveyard – A shopping mall for gearheads!

Mopar GraveyardMopar Graveyard where and antique car enthusiast could spend a whole day at.

Nowadays, you can rarely see old cars in a salvage yard. Now, people are sending then to the crusher for scrap because, obviously, such machines require a lot of hard work, are time consuming and will probably cost the builder a considerable amount of money to get them to a desired state. Due to the fact that not many of us can afford something like that, we just turn to the easier choice that will probably lead us to a small amount of income- something is better than nothing, right? However, that is if you’re able to resist the temptation of making something that’s entirely build and modified according to your own taste. Thus, there are gearheads who love antique cars and the opportunity to make them functional while still keeping their “old-timer” just gets the best of them.

Mopar Graveyard – A shopping mall for gearheads!

Mopar GraveyardMopar Graveyard!

Most of the cars that can be seen in this particular salvage yard – Mopar Graveyard are from the ‘ 40’s 50’s and 60’s – vehicles that you don’t quite see every day. Seeing all of them in one Mopar Graveyard place is really cool and may get your imagination working but, the situation can also make one feel like having the wort gearhead nightmare ever, when seeing then is such a disappointing shape. It all depends on your personal style and preferences!

Be that as it may, discovering something like this is like finding a treasure map for the real gearheads out there that are willing to work their way through in making a masterpiece.  If not, we should definitely make an effort to place them in some museum. Now that would be really awesome, to say the least. Check  out the video and see if you can pick a favorite! Mopar Graveyard video below!