Motorcycle dance! Unusual race bike crash MUST SEE!!!

Motorcycle danceMotorcycle dance – Unusual race bike crash that is surely going to grab your attention.

There are many possibilities that can unfold on the scene when racing and that’s a ‘rule’ that applies to pretty much everyone that are on the track. Crashes are fairly unpredictable in terms of their “way of happening”, though we’re all aware of the possibility of their occurrence. We’ve seen a lot of crashes so far and this is one that is not easy to forget.

Motorcycle dance – Unusual race bike crash – when bikes have a mind of their own

The wreck that the motorcycle riders got into is one thing but, what happened to the bikes when they were free from their rider is a completely different story. The first rider slides out, which makes his bike to crash into another rider and everything seems like a normal wreck. However, when the bikes are separated from their owners they lock wheel bars, a one in a million circumstance, and continue with doing a doughnut on their own.

The riders are feverishly trying to separate their bikes but, these machines won’t let go easily.¬†Motorcycle dance¬†– check it out!