Motorcycle racer activates rage mode on track – Hilarious!

Motorcycle racerMotorcycle racer that just couldn’t hold it all in any longer.

The world of motorcycle racing is not a fairy tale. The dark side is always somewhere in between, looming over the rider. We’ve seen enough crashes and all sorts of accidents on track and everywhere else; however, it seems like there is more to it.

Motorcycle racer activates rage mode on track- Hilarious!

Everybody happen to forget how much patience you need to have, the effort that riders and racers put in their work and the time spent practicing to make it all worth something. Well, imagine all that to be ruined because of someone else’s mistake or sloppiness. Racers are usually practicing patient on track but, everything has its limit and this rider in the video below, hit the threshold. Nobody’s going to mess with him after this incident, that’s for sure. Check it out!