6 motorcycle tech gadgets that you should own!!!

Motorcycle tech gadgets 6 that are perfect for every modern rider’s gear collection. Staying connected and looking sharp is all you need to do!

motorcycle tech gadgetsHeadwave Tag Helmet Sound System – motorcycle tech gadgets.
With Headwave Tag you can turn your helmet into a sound system. Creation true surround sound, while you ride, the Headwave uses a lid’s shell as a soundboard. This thing is easy to use and comes with Bluetooth connectivity, internal battery and one-button operation. The Headwave is designed and constructed in Germany and is is priced at $332.

motorcycle tech gadgetsAmi Powersports AX-12 Arai Visor Insert – motorcycle tech gadgets.
With the touch of a button you can tint your Arai vision like 1,2,3. The AX-12 visor insert works with Arai’s brow-vented shields, thus its shape, and thanks to the liquid-crystal technology that it uses it can instantly switch from clear to dark smoke, just with a touch of a button ( or even automatically). Namely, the USB- rechargeable battery offers 40 hours of shade. The kit sells for $130!

motorcycle tech gadgetsMagura HC1 Master Cylinder – motorcycle tech gadgets.
The new HC1 radial master cylinder uses piston plus new seal technology and a forged body for offering amazing brake feel and power. This thing is available in 12mm, 13mm and 16mm pistom diameters at the price of $289. In addition, it is appropriate for any brake system and it is a relatively affordable upgrade.

motorcycle tech gadgetsAdaptiv Technologies TPX Bluetooth Transmitter – motorcycle tech gadgets.

motorcycle tech gadgets!

The Adaptiv Technologies’ TPX radar detector is favored by those with a heavy throttle hand. The company now has released a Bluetooth module that costs $55, which takes power from a USB port and links it to the TPX, thus beaming radar alerts directly to the helmet communicator.

motorcycle tech gadgetsGloveTacts Touchscreen Stickers – motorcycle tech gadgets.
The ultra-thin,faux-suede stickers (($10 for two) are placed on the index and thumb fingers of the glove and made in a way so you can operate any touchscreen device. GloveTacts are known for their extreme durability and are also easily removable – it’s an awesome upgrade!

motorcycle tech gadgetsSatechi Media Button – motorcycle tech gadgets.
If you like to stream music from your phone that this is something that you’ll fall in love with. The compact Satechi Media Button will help you control the volume, pause or play your media and skip tracks remotely. The $30 Satechi kit has two-year battery life and all you have to do is link the compact Steachi Media Button to your smart phone and you’re good to go.