Muscle car crash test – Will the iconic cars meet the IIHS standards?

Muscle car crash testMuscle car crash test to show us whether the whether the most iconic cars will meet the requirements of a Top Safety status.

Those people go after sports cars don’t buy them to go slow in a lane. Naturally, they want to go fast and the allure of high-speed and bolder performance leads to more aggressive driving. That’s great but, what about the danger that comes along with them? Do manufacturers outfit their cars with the latest safety protections? Surely, they care about the safety of the customers but can their products meet the standards of safety?

It turns out that’s not necessarily the case. The latest crash-test result from theĀ Insurance Institute for Highway Safety showed some concerning results. This organization conducts the most prominent crash tests. Recently, they have put theĀ America’s three most iconic sports coupes through its full muscle car crash test.

Muscle car crash test – Will the iconic cars meet the IIHS standards?

Muscle car crash testUnfortunately, they have fond out that none of them meet their threshold for safety recognition. The Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, and Dodge Challenger all fell short of Top Safety Pick status. For the record, this is something that 65 other 2016 models achieved in the testing. When the organization released the results, it did raise some question about the safety of the drivers.

The Muscle car crash test first challenged the 3 coupes on the small-front overlap test. This particular test mimics the impact of the front quarter of the vehicle. This test is performed with a fixed object that would be something like a tree or a parked vehicle in reality. At 40 mph the Camaro managed to earn itself a “good” ranking. The Mustang earned an “acceptable” mark and the Challenger “marginal” rank.

The dummy also showed that the driver could suffer from some serious injuries on the legs.

Check out the video below to find out more about the muscle car crash test!