Ford Mustang bursts into flames at the drag strip!

Mustang bursts into flamesFord Mustang bursts into flames at the drag strip!

A nitrous line bursts and causes this Ford Mustang to explode into flames in an unfortunate turn of events. Drag racing can be very dangerous, and this is a perfect example of how your race car can be destroyed in seconds. Unfortunately this fire wasn’t able to be put out quickly and the front hood, fenders, and bumper got burnt to a crisp.

Ford Mustang bursts into flames after nitrous pump malfunction!

What seems to be the cause for this? Any bottle produced today has a safety blow-off cap or disc installed that will safely release the pent-up pressure once it exceeds a specific psi rating before the bottle can explode. While we’d hate to speculate and falsely accuse the owner of the vehicle of any wrong-doing,  tampering with or incorrectly installing the safety valves on a bottle can render these safety features useless. And in this case, the valves/discs clearly didn’t function as they were designed to.