1969 Ford Mustang GT Pro Touring by Goolsby Customs!

1969 Mustang GT Pro Touring1969 Ford Mustang GT Pro Touring by Goolsby Customs! This is a gorgeous car, and you have to admit it, whether you’re or you’re not a fan of Ford! The 1969 Ford Mustang GT is one of the coolest cars to have ever hit the streets, capturing everything that is muscle. It was cool from the factory, but Goolsby Customs restored it, made it look even cooler and more badass.

Ford Mustang GT Pro Touring!!!

The 5.0L Coyote under the hood might be where this build starts, but is nowhere near the finish as just about every single piece of this puzzle is a custom component that seems to fit in just right. Goolsby Customs are perfect at what they do, and they never fail to deliver something interesting. This time they have impressed us with this gorge Pro Touring Mustang! Check out how it looked like at SEMA 2015!

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