Working Principle Of a Napier Deltic Diesel Engine!

Napier Deltic Diesel EngineNapier Deltic Diesel Engine

The Napier Deltic engine is a British opposed-piston valveless, supercharged uniflow scavenged, two-stroke Diesel engine used in marine and locomotive applications, designed and produced by Napier & Son. The cylinders were divided in three blocks in a triangular arrangement, the blocks forming sides with crankshafts located in each apex of the triangle.

Working Principle Of a Napier Deltic Diesel Engine!

The term Deltic (meaning in the form of the Greek letter Delta) is used to refer to both the Deltic E.130 opposed-piston high-speed Diesel engine and the locomotives produced by English Electric using these engines, including it’s demonstrator locomotive named DELTIC and the production version for British Railways, which designated these as Class 55.

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