NASCAR crashes – 25 most devastating crashes in the history

NASCAR crashesNASCAR crashes are no joke. The thing that surprises the most is there are people who enjoy watching them. Well, people like me.

NASCAR may be considered a niche sport but, it has a tremendous, loyal and devoted fan-base. They are ready to spend a beer-fueled weekend that’s basen od high octane and high speed adrenaline rush. That’s what the sport provides and that’s the reason why we like it.

However big that fan-base may be, there are people who aren’t familiar with it. Moreover, there are those who don’t even understand the passion that we fell for it. For most, it entails a bunch of cars driving around in big circles for hours. It just reminds them of their daily commute.

NASCAR crashes – 25 most devastating crashes in the history

NASCAR crashesNevertheless, the fans and the not-very-big-fans know how to enjoy the NASCAR crashes. The wrecks that occur on the super speedways are both breath-taking and terrifying at the same time. There is just a segment of people who go to the event to simply watch the NASCAR crashes. Cars exploding and general chaos- that’s what they love.

Some of the NASCAR crashes are awful. As a matter of fact, you could say that there is not a crash that’s not. But, bursting into flames, crashing into one another and so on, is just amazing to see on the NASCAR tracks. Most of the time, the drivers turn out to be okay- shockingly so, considering the wrecks we witness.

But, what is so awesome about crashes that makes fans go wild? Well, it’s┬áthe speed, the thrill and the intensity of them are the feeling we want. Flirting with death is what makes people keep watching. Here are the top 25 worst NASCAR crashes in the history- check them out!