Navy F3 Rocketeer – Tribute To The US Navy!!

Navy F3 RocketeerNavy F3 Rocketeer

This U.S .Navy theme bike built by Darwin Motorcycles is one of the finest custom motorcycles in the USA. The project was led by Dar Holdsworth who himself is a U.S. Air Force Desert Storm veteran, and also a son of an Army Vietnam Vet and grandson of a WW2 Navy Vet!!

This US Navy commemorative bike is based on Brass Balls Bobbers Rocketeer F3 model using a Racing Innovations rigid frame, a 93″ S&S Knucklehead engine coupled to a Baker 6-speed transmission and a 2″ narrow belt system from BDL.

Navy F3 Rocketeer – Tribute To The US Navy!!

Both gas tank and fender are made out of solid blocks of aluminum, which Holdsworth himself has spent almost 300 hours of machining time and hand crafting.

The bike also features an adjustable air bag system integrated into the frame, which provides comfort seat and vibration isolation reduction.

All parts used are USA made and were provided for free or at a discount by the vendors!

Check it out!

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