Need for Speed real life – imagine the possibilities!

need for speed real lifeNeed for Speed real life – imagine the possibilities! Zwingfilms and Mode Automotive join forces for one amazing project. They blur the lines between real life and video games. These car modifications will make you ask yourself is this real life, a game, or fantasy!

Need for Speed real life – imagine the possibilities!

Zach Wingfield is the creator and the mastermind behind this curious business – Zwingfilms. He says he is a creative producer/visionary film maker that’s passionate about helping automotive companies grow their business. His strong points are the risks he is willing to take and the lengths he will go. He has a unique skill with the glide cam that separates him from the other filmmakers. “I like to create really smooth shots that are full of energy to encourage momentum by following a subject with a close proximity, closer than  most are comfortable going”, says Wingfield.

MODE and Armytrix Automotive Weaponized have teamed up with Zwingfilms to bring you this epic movie – Need for Speed real life! MODE is the Australian Master Distributor of Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust Australia. They strive to push the boundaries in automotive modification, styling and tuning by creating individualized vehicles that are truly one of a kind. They are the master distributor to some of the World’s largest and most exclusive automotive brands. Check out the video!