New BMW M9 – Meet BMW’s latest super-car concept!

New BMW M9New BMW M9 – say hello to the latest concept car by the popular German car-maker. Currently, on the market, the only actual super-car that BMW has in the i8. It’s fast by any standards however, it still is a hybrid. The M1 was also their only other super-car that was unfortunately, short-lived. That, of course, cound’t put BMW on the super-car market. Well, it seems that changing that is now top priority of the company for the new BMW M9.

New BMW M9

One could say that the new BMW M9 interior is a class apart from its predecessors. It’s a sports car with two seats, has an updated deck with battery chargers and music system. Along with them, there are tons of more features that were introduced in this model and hopefully, the company will reveal them in the near future.

New BMW M9

One thing is certain – a lot of thought and effort was put into this design for the new BMW M9. The roof of the car is definitely classy and also allows any person of any height to sit inside without feeling uncomfortable. LED lights on the rear wheels for a great impression with the rear lights made of L-patters. The car is like a sheer combination of a GT and a sports car with the short back and stylish but, long front.

New BMW M9 – the new, classy super-car

When it comes to the engine, we’re expecting to see a V8 or a V12 under that new BMW M9 hood. The top speed has also been improved to 320 kph speed, the weight of the car has been reduced and all we can hope for, is seeing it in doing a wild performance.

Regarding the release date of this new BMW M9 concept, the company is still keeping it a secret. Nevertheless, we think that we’ll see a piece of it probably at the end of 2016. The new BMW M9 price is also unkown but, we would expect to be from $300,000 to $500,000. Check out the new BMW M9 concept: