New Chevelle SS is Chevrolet’s luxurious and powerful comeback!

New ChevelleNew Chevelle SS is the 2016 masterpiece of Chevrolet- an enormous change for the legendary car manufacturer. Thus; we can’t wait to see it hit the market.

The brand that has been delivering high quality vehicles constantly, strikes again. This time, with many improvements starting from the performance and ending with the design side. All in all, the Chevrolet Chevelle SS is legendary and it is bound to please everyone who are waiting for its arrival.

New ChevelleEngine and Power-train:

The brand new Chevelle SS comes with an improved engine alignment that is supposed to be the main attraction when it comes to this particular ride. Chevrolet, of course, still remains tight lipped about the subject. Nevertheless, rumor has it that the 2016 Chevrolet Chevelle SS with have 2 engine variations and everything will eventually depend on the trim of your choice. Turbo drive inline 4.2-liter that will deliver 294 HP is to be the base engine’s configurations. A step forward from the base engine is a 3.3-liter V6 engine. Though, it will offer way better amount of power and faster acceleration.

New Chevelle SS is Chevrolet’s luxurious and powerful comeback!

New Chevelle Exterior:
One of the most anticipated features when the new Chevelle SS is in question, after the engine, is the design. The new Chevelle’s design will probably get some alterations and considering the fact that this has always been a strong-suit, we are really excited to see what Chevrolet will actually do with it. Fresher design with more aerodynamic is what we expect and it’s not at all surprising-  if Chevrolet is going to make a modern turn here. Re-styling the front part of the vehicle, the grille and headlights; the company is taking drastic measures . Hopefully, the new Chevelle SS is going to benefit from all of it.

New ChevelleNew New Chevelle Interior:

We’ll witness extreme changes inside the car, too. New, refreshed and improved cabin with an innovative interior styling is what most expect to see. The electrically adjustable drivers seat are also something that we should be exited about. They,supposedly, guarantee the best driving experience, unlike anything you’ve tried before. We’ll also see new things on the dashboard and the control panel as well as improvements to the safety system and entertainment. Upgraded to feature the latest technology, this will be a car that is modern and sophisticated in every single aspect.

New Chevelle Price and Release Date:

Chevrolet stll hasn’t made an official announcement about the price and the release date. Well, it’s probably too early for such details to appear. Because the new Chevelle SS is a model of 2016, we will expect to see new Chevelles hitting the street at the start of 2017. When it comes to the pricing though, early estimates propose $30,000 as the starting price of Chevrolet’s brand new toy. New Chevelle video below!