New Ford Bronco concept – This is what it looks like!!!

New Ford BroncoNew Ford Bronco! 2020 Ford Bronco concept – it’s what we’re all dying to see.

The fact that the Bronco fans have all been rabid for a new Ford Bronco is no secret. Thus, not long ago, there were rumors that Ford considers to revive both its Ranger pickup truck and the Bronco SUV. The new Ford Bronco that we have all been waiting for was to made its debut in 2020. Well, that’s pretty far away.

Ford has been trolling its fans for a longer period of time with winking hits and teasers about the new Ford Bronco. But the truth is no matter what you’re fan of, you’re dying to see a 21-st century Bronco hitting the streets. However, the automaker still hasn’t give us anything more serious to hold on. That’s why the fans over at took the matter in their hands. They rendered multiple version of the new Ford Bronco concept and they absolutely nailed it. This is definitely what we want to see in the two-door 4×4.

New Ford Bronco concept nails it!

New Ford Broncot. The new Ford Bronco concept just hits all the right buttons. The fans fused all the styling elements from previous Bronco generations to make it perfect. There is the 2004 Bronco concept,SUVs and modern Ford trucks. The square inset front grille and the classic round headlights on the new Ford Bronco concept evolved from the 1st gen Bronco. Of course, the automaker showcased it in the 2004 Bronco concept as well.

Moving on, the new Bronco concept has a modern body-on-frame. It retains a design with a strong focus on off-road capabilities and utility. In addition, they fitted separate version with different wheel fender shapes, cargo rack, varying ride height and grilles.

According to, the Ford’s Michigan Truck Plant in Wayne in Michigan will build the new Ford Bronco concept. Moreover, the Jeep Wrangler is to be its closest competitor.

All in all, there is surely some current Ford truck DNA in what we see. We like it, the fans like it and hopefully, you’ll like it too.

Build it Ford, as soon as possible!New Ford Bronco