Nikita Shikov drifts the longest and fastest F1’s turn!

Nikita ShikovNikita Shikov decided to challenge himself a bit. However, his challenge is quite daring, to say the least.

The Russian Grand Prix made its Formula One debut with a spectacular track. Laid out around the site of the Winter Olympic village in Sochi, the F1 cicruit,  was a huge winner as Russia got its place on the Formula One calendar.

Nikita Shikov tire-smoking turn three

As we said, the track is more than stunning and of course, has one outstanding feature. The Sochi Autodrom has one turn that is fastest and longest in Formula One – turn three and Nikita Shikov drifts around it – full time!

With special permission from the circuit owner, he and his 800 bph Toyota RocketBull86 got busy on the track. Spreading the tires of the Toyota all over the circuit, Nikita Shikov filled the track with black smoke.

The average speed around turn three, in circuit racing in 93 mph however, Shikov managed to pass through it at 105 mph with the wheels of the Toyota spinning at amazing 161 mph. Watch it happen: