Nikko circuit – traditional Japan drift experience!

nikko circuitNikko circuit – Formula D pros Ken Gushi and Matt Field experience traditional Japan drift! They take us into the traditional world of Japan drifting at a Car Modify Wonder x Hardcore Tokyo drift day at Nikko Circuit, Japan. Style, proximity and footwork are just a few reasons JDM drift differs from USA.

Nikko circuit – traditional Japan drift experience!

Japan’s tradition of drifting began on mountain roads as a result of street racers toying with tire traction limits. It then branched off into a controlled-driving technique and national sport. Kunimitsu Takahashi, a former motorcycle racer, used the slide technique to gain advantage around corners while racing Japan Touring Championship cars in the ’70s. The crowd loved it and young street racers like Keiichi Tsuchiya began to imitate the technique.

I think we can all agree that drifting is all about practice. Many of the cars we saw at Nikko had bent rear license plates or faint plastic marks on the windshield. These are indications of a driver who routinely blasts through tollbooths on the way to street slaying.

Formula D drivers Matt Field, Robbie Nishida, and Ken Gushi were also in attendance among very talented locals, Club4AG originators, and D1SL (Street League) guys who ranged from young to 50+. Overall, drivers were generally older with less powerful engines than what you’d see at a V-8-rich All-Star Bash or Final Bout paddock.

Ken Gushi remarked, “You see a lot more style here, lots of flashy cars, and a lot of great talent. The cars are extremely clean and there is a lot of synchronized close-proximity drifting going on. It’s where drifting originated, and they’ve taken style and driving aggressiveness to another level. It’s a great honor to be driving with these locals.” Check out this video to see how did Ken Gushi & Matt Field’s visit to the Nikko circuit go!