“Nikola One” – First-Ever 2000 Horsepower Electric Semi Truck!

“Nikola One”“Nikola One”

Michigan-based Nikola Motor co. just released renderings for what looks to be the coolest Semi Truck concept to date. The Nikola One is a hybrid big rig that uses a combination of electric engines and a fuel agnostic turbine to give you: 3,700 ft. lbs of torque, 1,200 miles range and, most importantly, 2,000 horsepower.

“Nikola One” – First-Ever 2000 Horsepower Electric Semi-Truck!

This highly aerodynamic experimental truck is powered by an advanced hybrid drivetrain made up of electric motors that spin all six wheels, lithium-ion batteries, and an on-board turbine.

There are over 32,000 individual lithium-ion cells welded together in the Nikola One’s battery pack. Nikola Motor boasts the pack as being 3x the pack size of a Tesla Model S P90D.

The highway tractor trailers that pull loads of goods across the country are about to get faster, more efficient, cheaper to run and way, way cooler looking.

Check it out!!

“Nikola One” “Nikola One” “Nikola One” “Nikola One”

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