Nissan AWD ATTESA System – How It Works!

Nissan AWDNissan AWD

How does ATTESA E-TS work? How is the GT-R so fast? How does the GT-R AWD system work? The Nissan GT-R has a secret weapon: ATTESA E-TS. ATTESA stands for Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for All-Terrain. It’s a four-wheel drive system used in some automobiles produced by the Japanese automaker Nissan.

Nissan AWD ATTESA System – How It Works!

The GT-R’s AWD system is a sophisticated unit developed with the goal of putting down massive amounts of power. The system sends the front engine’s power back to a rear mounted transaxle, which sends power to the rear tires through a 1.5 way LSD. Another shaft, operated by a multi-plate clutch, takes power from the rear mounted transmission all the way up to the front open differential.

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