Nissan GTR crashes while drifting!

Nissan GTR crashesNissan GTR crashes! Oh, that poor Nissan GTR! We have been seeing a lot of cool drifting lately and we can say for sure that we love those stunts. Most of the drivers are crazy about going sideways and they try drift their ride in all kinds of places. However, when you’re not that good at it you shouldn’t just take out your car and try to perform the act on the street where there are other parked cars and other drivers.

Nissan GTR crashes

Well, this Nissan GTR‘s driver didn’t really care if he gets anyone else’s life in danger. He probably just sat behind the wheel of the ride and decided to show off to others what he can do. Nevertheless, his drifting show didn’t end that well. From what we can see, he seriously lost control of his poor Nissan and hit another vehicle. Thankfully, the crash wasn’t fatal for anybody. Nissan GTR crashes video below!