Nissan GTR vs Dodge Dart street race and crash!

Nissan GTR vs Dodge DartNissan GTR vs Dodge Dart street race and nasty crash! This one might hurt a bit to watch. So, it’s the sort of thing we would ordinarily love to see, a heavily modified classic American car with the big ol’ V8 going up against the new GTR. But this one went horribly wrong almost immediately.

Nissan GTR vs Dodge Dart!

One of the witnesses says that the GTR was around 1500hp, and the driver launched so hard it broke the front diff causing the rear wheels to spin and slide into the guy next to him. The Dart was beat up pretty bad but there was a benefit dinner to help fix the car.

Fortunately, in this Nissan GTR vs. Dodge Dart crash nobody was hurt. The camera man was all too excited, so the video is shaky and not of good quality. But, still, check the Nissan GTR vs Dodge Dart video below!