Nissan Skyline GTR shooting flames on the streets of London

Nissan Skyline GTRNissan Skyline GTR is ‘on fire’!

It’s definitely not the first time when we and most probably you are seeing a fire-spitting beast on the streets. The fact is there are people who love to show the power of their ride this way and we like watching them do it their way. That’s why his time we’re looking at a Nissan Skyline GTR roaming the streets of London; but how does this thing makes a good head-turner? Well, Kream Developments sure know how to make that happen, though.

Nissan Skyline GTR shooting fire on the streets of London

Check out the R33-spec Godzila as it’s roaming the streets of London, shooting flames on its way randomly, shading every vehicle around it. Do Londoners appreciate a good spitting-flame machine? Check it out!

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