Self-cleaning car – Amazing prototype by Nissan!!!

Self-cleaning carSelf-cleaning car by Nissan is the one think that probably awaits for us in the future, if we are ever to see a world that’s free from car washing. It may not sound like a big deal for those who don’t have a car but, washing a car is a chore – and a costly one. That’s why Nissan begun to test a quite innovative paint technology that is supposed to repel rain, mud and everyday dirt. According to Nissan, it’s a oleophobic and superhydrophobic pain that, put in simple terms, repel oils and water. In Europe, they’re testing a Nissan Note subcompact with half of the car treated and the other half covered in normal paint. Self-cleaning car!

Nissan‘s self-cleaning car means goodbye to car-washing?

The company also states that it’s the first automaker to use the technology on car bodywork, called Ultra-Ever Dry that created a protective barrier between the outside world and the car paint. Check out the testing! Self-cleaning car video below!