Nuclear powered vehicles could run for 100 years without refuelling!!!

Nuclear powered vehicles

Nuclear powered vehicles – The world’s first concept car. Have you ever heard of thorium? It’s a very powerful element and with the right engineering it can power pretty much anything for a really long time. Not exactly like nuclear energy but it’s safer and cleaner that fossil fuels. This uses of the thorium have been researched for decades by scientists however due to some difficulties this thing hasn’t replaced fossil fuels. The good news is that it actually could and it’s good for your wallet too.

Nuclear powered vehicles

According to Charles Stevens, the CEO of Laser Powered Systems, one gram of thorium is enough to replace 28,000 liters of petrol fuel. Correct me if I’m wrong but, you will save tons by ditching these fuels and going to thorium. If you’re one of those people who love to drive big rides like an F350 or the H series that I’m sure that you’ll appreciate the change.

Charles and his team have made some plans and included 40 people in the project to make a thorium laser integrated system so to maximize the efficiency. We believe it’s just a question of when more than a question of if.