Nudge fail followed by instant karma to make the day!

nudge failNudge fail – it’s embarrassing (to a certain extent) the way it is but, what if karma hits you right back in that very second?
We’re aware of the fact that ‘instant karma’ – nudge fail, stands for something that happens really fast after someone has tried or did something to someone but, this is probably one of the quickest ones that you get to see caught on tape. In the video below we see a Nissan driver nudging a motorist and immediately losing the car’s rear bumper in that whole process. Now, we really have two questions here: Why would someone ever do that to a motorist while driving a car and what’s with the Nissan build quality?

Nudge fail followed by instant karma to make the day

One would probably say that it is almost as if the bumper was held by a chewed gum. Nevertheless, it’s a we-deserved epic fail for such a juvenile behaviour. We don’t know what made the Nissan driver that angry but, we do know that the motorist could use this dashcam footage to report the incident to authorities. Nudge fail video below!

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