P-Laser QF-1000 – High power laser cleaning for rust and paint removal!

P-LaserP-Laser is the thing that will remove rust without the chemicals or abrasives. Yes, this is one amazing laser.

Rust kills, and to be honest, it can be a huge pant when you need to remove it. Having a metal object that suffers from rust, can completely tank a project. Unfortunately, if given enough time and the right amount of water and oxygen, pretty much anything that’s iron or steel will disintegrate into a rusty mess.

Of course, there are plenty of way to remove rust. However, few are as awesome as using the P-laser QF-1000. Simply said, this is a 1000-watt handheld laser cleaner that does miracles when it comes to rust.

P-Laser QF-1000 – High power laser cleaning for rust and paint removal!

The P-Laser makes such a tool, the QF-1000, and the results are quite impressive. The company says that the by aiming high pulsed laser light at any rusty surface will make it go away. Any kind of corrosion will just absorb the energy from the light and burn off. The solid surface that’s under the rust won’t be affected. The P-Laser QF-1000 leaves a clean, bare surface after it finishes its work. When you see the P-Laser in action, it looks like it simply vaporizes the rust from the surface.
In addition,the company offers a number of applications for their cleaning tools. Mold cleaning, pre-treatment for welding and bonding and bakery tray cleaning- everything is possible.Moreover, P-Laser also offer various power outputs. Though, even a lightly-powered 50-watt laser costs around $53,000.

The QF-1000 cleaning technology provides a safe, environmentally friendly and very cost effective way to improve cleaning, surface preparation and paint removal processes. It features simply make it perfect for every kind of problem you might have with rust.

Check out the laser in action!