These Guys Built a Working Miniature V8 Engine Model From Scratch!

Miniature V8 Engine

Miniature V8 Engine Every time we find a video of a miniature engine, we just can’t avoid it and not share it with you. Crafting a masterpiece like this demands real discipline and knowledge. What you see here is a Conley miniature V8 engine. This particular model sports the Stinger 609 name badge, which boasts 6.09 cubic inches and weighs 11 pounds.

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How a Drive-shaft Works – This Is The Perfect Demonstration!

How a Drive-shaft Works A drive-shaft is a mechanical component for transmitting torque and rotation, usually used to connect other components of a drive train that cannot be connected directly. How a Drive-shaft Works – This Is The Perfect Demonstration! The drive-shaft is commonly a hollow steel tube with yokes welded on the end. The tubular design makes the drive-shaft

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Uranium P2 – How is uranium core made into nuclear fuel?

Uranium P2

Uranium P2 is a naturally-occurring element. We can find traces of it almost everywhere even though mining takes place where it is naturally concentrated. But finding it and making a nuclear fuel of it are two very different things. Uranium P2 – How is uranium ore made into nuclear fuel? One fuel bundle of uranium contains as much as energy

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Nitrous oxide system – How does this thing actually work?

Nitrous oxide system

Nitrous oxide system has one particular purpose – to increase the power output of the engine. It’s a quite appealing addition and because of this, there are a fair share of misconceptions and myths about it. Also, there are a lot of questions referring to its tuning, reliability etc. Contrary to popular opinion, nitrous oxide system is not a necessity

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How to build a rift stove out of two aluminum cans!

rift stove

Rift stove is a type of beverage-can stove or pop-can stove that has a bit of a different design that the others. Nevertheless, a can-stove as it is is a do-it-yourself alcohol-burning portable stove that has an amazing advantage- it’s ultralight. In addition, as the name itself suggests, its entirely made from aluminum cans and given that, there are countless

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Supercharged V8 Engine In a Jeep Wrangler By Dakota Customs!

Hellcat Jeep Wrangler We’ve seen the supercharged V8 engine installed in a variety of different platforms, it was inevitable that someone would plant one in a Jeep. Dakota Customs is the place to go for V8 Hemi engine swaps into Jeeps. Supercharged V8 Engine In a Jeep Wrangler By Dakota Customs! This can be done to your Jeep also for a price

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This Badass 3500Hp Billet Duramax Can Handle 140 Pounds Of Boost!

3500Hp Billet Duramax This insane compound boosted DX 500 billet 3500hp Duramax diesel engine was on display at The Sema Show 2016. The 500ci V8 is boosted by a PSI blower and twin promod Precision turbochargers. It also has 24 nozzles of methanol/water. This Badass 3500Hp Billet Duramax Can Handle 140 Pounds Of Boost! Wagler Competition Products really outdone themselves. Jeremy Wagler

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