Hoonigan’s most epic project ever – the Gymkhana 7!

Gymkhana 7 Ken Block, co-founder of the DC Shoe company, rallycross driver, and all-around action-sports junkie, altered the world of YouTube forever when he released Gymkhana Practice in 2008. Now it’s time for Hoonigan’s most epic project ever – the Gymkhana Seven! Hoonigan’s most epic project ever – the Gymkhana 7! His car of choice is a 1965 Modified Mustang powered with

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Picking Up Chicks With a Bugatti…SO EASY!!

Picking Up Chicks

 Picking Up Chicks Funny social experiment! So these guys decided to test random women, by asking them if they wanna hang out, or have something to eat, while they are leaning on a Bugatti Veyron, just to see if all women are gold diggers or maybe there are some keepers out there. So most of the girls when they see

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Best Burnouts! Muscle cars, Bikes, Trucks and more in America

Best Burnouts

Best Burnouts Check out America’s Best Burnouts! This is one crazy show that involves motorbikes, muscle cars, pickup trucks, sports cars… basically everything you ever wanted. Enjoy this pure awesomeness!! Best Burnouts ”This video was filmed at a free to attend, public controlled event. No drivers were paid to participate” There should be more event like this, kill all tires!!

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Italian sports cars. The Rare Righini collection

Italian sports cars

Italian sports cars. Rare collection There’s a 15th century castle in Modena, Italy, called Castello di Panzano and it’s no ordinary castle. It’s the home of one of the most glorious car collection called the Collezione Righini. This collection is full of Italian sports cars including Alfa Romeos, Lancias, Ferraris and several important Formula 1 cars. Italian sports cars. The

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Hennessey Venom F5 top speed will be 290mph?!?!

Hennessey Venom F5 Top Speed

Hennessey Venom F5 top speed would be how much??? AN AMAZING CAR!!! The Hennessey Venom F5 is a lot improved Venom GT with better aerodynamics and engine performances. Hennessey says this will be their highest achievement ever. The price for the fastest production car in the world will be 1.2 Million Dollars! ($1.200.000) plus taxes… Yes, it is a bit

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