Pendel scooter – Awesome mobility scooter for wheelchair users!

Pendel scooterPendel scooter – Awesome mobility scooter that gives wheelchair users to travel with their wheelchairs independently.
The Pendel scooter allows users to move their wheelchair into the scooter and out of it without having to move out of the wheelchair. The wheelchair is raised by means of the lift and everything’s set up – all ready to go. This scooter has a radius of action of 60 km and a maximum speed of 25 km/h – reaching the destination won’t take long.

Pendel scooter – Awesome mobility scooter for wheelchair users.

As we’re talking here about electric power. the Pendel scooter is silent and emission free and let’s not talk about the fun that one will have while riding on it.
What’s really important about such means of transportation is that they are comfortable and safe and according to some tests that have been conducted the scooter really moves smoothly across the roads and safety has been approved by Pendel- reliable and strong motor. large and clear headlight and a short braking distance. All of the strict European safety requirements are met and that’s what really matters.
Another advantage, is that the potential buyer have the freedom to choose the accessories so to create their unique and personal Pendel scooter. Transfer handles, extra mirror and adjusted rear flap are some of the options that are included, as well as bigger individual adjustments. Check the Pendel scooter video below!