Plane Car – A light plane in the sky and a road-legal vehicle on the road!

plane carPlane Car is a road-legal vehicle that used to be a light airplane. It’s a quirky design and it came into existence thanks to Mark Ray. Mr.

Mr. Ray is a car designer that spent $10,000 converting the plane into the plane car. He is the brains behind the whole “operation”  and he did it by using a  2003 Cirrus SR22 and a Chevrolet Tracker. His plane car is actually a fusion of both.

According to him, people’s reaction to his crazy match-up is priceless. Namely, most of them start panicking when they see an airplane in the rear-view mirror. Well, who wouldn’t?

Mr. Ray also owns the Boat Car, however, it was his daughter idea to start a new project and go for something new. It took him and his friends 5 months to build the vehicle. In its primary condition, the place was couldn’t be driven on road. Nevertheless, they attacked it side-view and rear-view mirrors, seatbelts, and taillights and it was good to go.

Plane Car – A light plane in the sky and a road-legal vehicle on the road

plane car

In addition, Mr. Ray cut off 20 inches of the original tail of the plane to prevent scratching other vehicles accidentally. After that, he finished his amazing project with a paint job and took his family out for a spin.

And while the plane car has a bizarre appearance, he nd his family don’t use it on special occasions only. Mr. Ray says that he takes his son to school in his plane car. Of course, he is not immune to all the question that come with having such a unique vehicle. Nevertheless, Mr. Ray seems to enjoy all the attention the plane car gets. That’s why he is not planning on selling it very soon now!

Check out the one-of-a-kind design!