Platypus submarine can be navigated on water and under it

Platypus submarinePlatypus submarine is not a submarine boat that was designed to bring the underwater action within reach of those who have no time to get behind the controls of a personal submarine and do the required training.

This submarine is an underwater exploration vehicle that ditched the waterproof hull. It comes from François-Alexandre Bertrand and it doesn’t limit users to the underwaters only. The Platypus submarine also gives users a taste of the life that is beneath the waves. The first concept of the Platypus submarine showed up in 2011 and now, there is finally a prototype that has hit the water.

As Bertrand says himself, the submersible hasn’t been invented now – it has existed for a long time. The thing it, it’s been with a big bubble along the way. Now, the Platypus submarine gives us an opportunity to freely navigate it under water with only wearing a swimsuit. Of course, if you are to navigate it like a boat, you can always choose the up position.

Platypus submarine can be navigated on water and under it

Platypus submarineThe Platypus submarine is basically a catamaran that features a central platform where the passengers sit. There are two pivoting arms that connect the platform to the two hulls. These, in addition, can be hydraulically lowered into the water. In this manner, the users can cruise above, around and below the water’s surface.
Two Torqeedo electric motors propel the  Platypus submarine  through the water. These get their power from a 10 kW lithium-ion battery pack. If you are above the water, this machine will boast a range of up to 34.5 miles when traveling at a speed of 9 km/h. On the other hand, if you are below the water, this drops to less than half. The battery last for around 4 hours. Check it out!