Police vs drifter in an epic mountain drift challenge!

Police vs drifterPolice vs drifter in an epic mountain drift challenge! SC-390 is the name of the sharply winding and precipitous ascent in a this steep and narrow zig-zag road. Serra do Rio do Rastro is a mountain range located in Lauro Müller, in the southeast of the state of Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil. The experience of using this road is very impressive. The road has a length of 8 miles long and has a total of 250 corners, and you go from 4500 feet to sea level in minutes!

Police vs drifter in an epic mountain drift challenge!

When you watch the video you will realize that this is not a Police chase, but this is just for entertainment purposes and these are two experienced drifters :). One of them is Sergio Hanazono, and the other one is Jonathan Neves aka JJ, both from Brazil. They are both struggling with the steep hills in their S15’s – Nissan Silvias. Jonathan Neves’ engine is sr20 400cv; while Sergio Hanazono’s engine is 2jz 600cv!

Starting from Santa Catarina, the ascent is 7 km long. Over this distance, the elevation gain is 646meters. The average percentage is 9.2%. Lighting is provided to the whole road by huge windmills. There’s little traffic in this road built in 1903. This stretch of road should not be attempted by novice drivers.

This ludicrously zigzagged route tumbles past waterfalls, through canyons and past spectacular scenery from start to finish. The climate in this region is temperate due to its altitude of about 1,500m and its proximity to the sea. This road is very dangerous for driving for many reasons. Avalanches and heavy snowfalls can sometimes block some sections of the road and can be extremely dangerous due to frequent patches of ice. The road has remarkable landscapes and deep crags. Check out this epic Police vs drifter adrenaline show and enjoy their master crafts!