Practical inventions that will make our future far better!

Practical inventions that will win anyone over!

Technology advances throughout the years and with it, so does our world. What the advancement brings the most is practical inventions that help us to improve our lives.

1. Silvon pillow case

Every night, we’re laying our faces on pillows that we haven’t washed for days. Yet, every time, before we go to bed, we use various products to make our skin better. But, what is the effect of it? Bacteria on our pillows build up over time. I fact, studies have shown that bacteria find out on our pillow cases in no different from bacteria find on a toilet. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to wash our pillows every 3rd day. But luckily, there is a solution for that. The Silvon pillow case is not a regular pillow case. It uses pure silver to prevent bacteria; no harsh chemicals or nano technology. It reduces the amount of pathogens greatly and it has no damaging effects whatsoever.

LVL ( Hydration monitor )2. LVL ( Hydration monitor )

This piece of technology is the first that is capable of measuring your hydration. LVL tells you how much you need to perform at your best. In addition, it measures your heart rate, calories, mood and even sleep your sleep quality. But LVL is not only about measuring but improvement. In other words, it can help you improve every single detail that it measures according to the figures. Why? Because hydration affects all of those things. You don’t need as much as coffee as you think – you just need to hydrate yourself properly!

Practical inventions that will make our future far better!

Holographic vector display3. Holovect ( Holographic vector display )

Holovect is a volumetric display system. In other words, Holovect draws images in the air with light. With this invention you can create landscape, scenery and movement. This invention won’t amaze you with words but with action!

4. Shaze (lounge chair)

This is the chair of you dreams that you’ll love to sit in when hitting the beach. It features water resistant speakers, phone charger, a bottle opener, and a cooler. In addition, it has a tower holder, is rust proof and lightweight. Overall, this is an extremely practical lounge chair.

5. Flux Snowshoe

This is a snowshoe that transforms with each step you take. The surface area is increased and the bearer “floats” atop the surface.

Check the five awesome practical invention in the video below!