President Obama limo – “The Black Beast” !

President Obama limoPresident Obama limo! You’ve probably heard about “The Beast” – President Obama’s limo! It looks like Cadillac, but really isn’t! Its engine, chassis and transmission are based on those used in the Chevrolet Kodiak. Actually some standard trim pieces, like headlamps come from an Escalade and tail lights from the now-discontinued STS, and they are keeping it vaguely Cadillac-like. Calling this President Obama limo vehicle armored is an understatement. There is probably not a better armored vehicle with windows on this planet than The Beast.

President Obama limo!

The armor plating is probably about 8 inches thick and its door weigh as much as of those on a Boeing. Those gigantic Goodyear tires are capable of keeping this machine on the road for quite some distance. As for the interior- it is sealed off from the outside world! The limo holds seven passengers and it runs on diesel.
Check out The President Obama limo – Beast in the video below.